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If you're just starting with a kernel of an idea and want to know how to develop it into a novel, we're the place for you.

Our story planning courses are geared for beginners who are ready to dive in and put ideas to page.

Welcome! Let's have some serious fun!

We have courses for advanced writers too.

What if your book is planned, and you need support writing it?

Then check out our Writer's Adventure Guide course.

What if your novel is written and now you need editing guidance.

Check out our EDIT YOUR NOVEL Bootcamp here.

Or, for more in-depth editing, check out Editing for Compelling Characters: Beyond the 5 Senses here.

Want support with your marketing specifically for novelists?

We have that too!

1. Start with a foundation of branding and marketing here.

2. Need to get book reviews? Take our course on how to do that here.

3. Want to set and run your own book marketing campaigns and launches? We have that too.

4. Want to create and run your own blog tour. We got that!

You can get ALL 4 courses in a bundle and save!

Want to learn how to self-publish your ebook?

Check out this course!

"Barany School of Fiction has some excellent courses and you get terrific feedback from the instructors Beth and Ezra. They are particularly good for the free-spirit, pantser type, because they are quite flexible and open-minded."

- Nicole Mackey, Fantasy Writer