Prioritize Your Time to Get Marketing Down

We writers have a lot to do -- write, market, daydream, take a break from it all -- so how can we do it all?

Successful writers prioritize.

Here are some guidelines on prioritizing your activities, in this course's case -- your book review request activities:

  • -- Honor your creative needs that feed your soul. Protect time for your creative work daily. Is this in the form or marketing or drafting new material or brainstorming? You decide.
  • -- Schedule time to market your work.
  • -- Schedule time to honor any inner processing you need for your creative work and for getting used to your market steps.
  • -- Use a calendar to schedule time for writing, marketing, and playing.


If you find it difficult to prioritize and schedule your time, ask for help.


-- Some creative writers pick 1-3 activities they need to do in a day, and do them in whatever order is right for them.

-- I pick one activity as priority per day, and set another activity as secondary. So, right now editing is first priority and marketing is second priority.

-- When I'm focused on sending out book requests, I set aside 10-15 minutes, at least, to confirm the blogger is a good match, and to send the customized query letter.


Share how you organize your time in the comments below.

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