Course Overview for "How to Get Book Reviews"

Lesson 1: How to Find Appropriate Bloggers

-- We’ll cover how to search on search engines and social media, especially Twitter and Instagram.

Lesson 2: How to Draft your Query to Bloggers

-- We’ll over a template that you can adapt to your needs and give you tips on drafting a book description.

Lesson 3: How to Track Your Progress and Research of Bloggers

-- We’ll offer a tracking spreadsheet and strategies on tracking.

Lesson 4: How to Set up a Review Campaign and Why You Would Want To

-- We’ll share tips and strategies on how to set up a review campaign and the importance of crafting a manageable campaign.

Lesson 5: Tips on How to Promote Your Review Campaign

-- We’ll give you a step-by-step tools of how to make the most of each review you get.

Lesson 6: Step into a Positive (Growth) Mindset and Why This is Important

-- We’ll share about the importance of mindset, share a short quiz, and share tips on how to change your mindset to support your book marketing efforts.

Lesson 7: How to Run Your Campaign and Live A Life

-- We’ll share strategies on how to make sure you can make progress and fit this project into your life.

Lesson 8: Review Campaign Follow-Up

-- In this last lesson, we’ll share strategies on how to follow up with your queries to bloggers and how to celebrate the end of your campaign. We’ll also talk about next steps and ask for your feedback about the class.

A Word About When to Request Reviews

This course was initially created to help authors get reviews on their already published books, but you can use this course to request reviews for your about-to-be-published book.

I have an added module on that for you to understand how to prep your Advanced Reviewer Copies (your book before publication for the reviewers, also know as ARCS), and when to send them out.

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