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  Special Free Webinar on “How to Get Book Reviews”

Enjoy this 1-Hour Overview Webinar on “How to Get Book Reviews.”

If you want to develop a long-term relationship with one of the key influencers in our industry—book bloggers—then you’ll want to learn how to get reviews for your books.

This webinar is for:

  • Independent and traditionally published authors who want more reviews for their books.
  • Genre novelists, though you can adapt this material to your nonfiction books too. Resources we share will be tailored for genre novelists.
  • Soon-to-be-published novelists who want to line up early reviews from their supporters and fans.
  • Published novelist who want to get reviews for their current books, coming soon books, and even their backlist, so that they can generate new attention on their books.
In this special free webinar we will cover how to get reviews from book bloggers. They are people who love to read and have started their own blog or video blog, are active on social media, and love to connect with authors.
This webinar (and upcoming course) does not cover how to get industry reviews from such publications as Kirkus,Publishers Weekly, newspapers, or magazines.

We covered:

  • How to Find Appropriate Bloggers
  • How to Draft your Query to Bloggers
  • How to Track Your Progress and Research of Bloggers
  • How to Set up a Review Campaign and Why You Would Want To
  • Tips on How to Promote Your Review Campaign
  • And take your questions live!