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  Stage 4: It Takes a Village

Community: It Takes a Village

In this stage, I invite you to notice and take stock of all the people and elements that go into creating your writer community.

On this note, you're welcome to join our no-cost online community: Fellowship of the Pen community.

Come chat about writer's life, craft and story issues, and marketing and promotion tips.

We're here to support you on your writer's adventure.

About Fellowship of the Pen

Fellowship of the Pen for Genre Novelists is for students and alumni of Barany School of Fiction homestudy courses, alumni of the 30-Day Writing Challenge live courses, and workshop attendees to Beth Barany's live events.

Join us here:

We are a spam-free zone for writers to share ideas, resources, and links, support each other, and ask for help.

Peer-run, managed by editor + coach-in-training, Carol Malone.

Overseen by novelist and Creativity Coach for Novelist, and owner of Barany School of Fiction, Beth Barany.


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